Starting With Preventive Maintenance Work

Congrats! You now have everything ready and your technicians can start doing maintenance scheduling work according to your defined schedules.
Start with a manageable workload
 While you might want to pull the trigger and roll out all schedules at once, we advise that you put back the safety on (if you decided early on that you want to do this in phases and only created preventive maintenance schedules or a couple of assets, then you won’t have this problem) and reconsider your actions.
Giving someone 50 daily tasks right off the bat, while he is still learning how to use the CMMS, is the biggest mistake you can do in this phase.
Instead, start with a manageable workload as the technicians and anyone else interfacing with the new software will need time to adjust and learn the system in real-time.
Make sure that technicians have clear guidelines and information on each asset’s needs and maintenance schedules. If that is taken care of, all that is left for you to do is to keep close watch that the CMMS performs the way it should. Track that the PMs are being completed, the technicians are recording their findings and closing out the work with accurate cost metrics such as part usage and time spent.
Turn on the rest of the schedules
Once there is solid evidence that the CMMS is functioning properly, equipment is being maintained on schedule and there are no major hiccups, you can gradually turn on the rest of the schedules for your other assets.
Maintenance personnel should feel comfortable operating in the CMMS environment and understand the key functions before adding more assets.
Get feedback and address any concerns immediately to keep operations running smoothly.
Continuously improve your preventive maintenance plan
The preventive maintenance plan may require some tweaks, changes, and updates as you and your company grow into the system. The CMMS will record historical data like frequencies of breakdowns, parts usage, types of malfunctions, etc. That means you will be able to generate and overview a range of useful reports that will assist you in making data-driven decisions.
Asset reports in CMMS
While emergency breakdowns and repairs will still happen from time to time, with the amount of control you will have gained over your planned maintenance system, you’ll soon begin to enjoy a reductionin emergency repairs, visibility into your operational spending and improved life expectancy for your equipment.